Third Palestinian International Conference on Information and

Communication Technology (PICICT 2020)

(The proceedings will be submitted to IEEE)

September 22-23, 2020

Faculty of Information Technology, IUG

Faculty of Computers and Information Technology, AQU.

Gaza, Palestine



Call for Papers


Prospective authors are invited to submit original unpublished manuscripts that demonstrate recent advances in the following areas of interest, but are not limited to:


         Artificial Intelligence

         Augmented Reality

         Big Data Analysis

         Biomedical Signal

         Business Intelligence, & Knowledge Management

         Cloud Computing

         Computer Architecture and Microprocessors

         Computer Vision and Image Processing

         Data Mining

         Database Technology

         E-Business, E-Learning, E-Government

         Evolutionary Computation

         Gaming Models

         Grid Computing

         Human-Computer Interaction

         Information Retrieval

         Information Security and Cryptography

         Intelligent Systems And Applications

         Internet of Things (IoT)

         Mobile Computing and Networking

         Multimedia Art, Entertainment and Culture

         Multimedia HCI and Quality of Experience

         Music, Speech and Audio Processing in Multimedia

         Natural Language Processing and its Applications

         Network Security and Forensics

         Parallel and Distributed Computing

         Semantic Web

         Smart Cities

         Social Network Analysis

         Soft Computing

         Software Engineering

         Software Security

         Status of Information Technology and Infrastructure in Palestine and the Middle East

         Telecommunication and Network Technologies

         Virtual Reality

         Wireless Sensor Networks